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Quantum Learning Certification

Being a certified Quantum Learning teacher or administrator starts with a shift in mindset and making a commitment to the ongoing practice of becoming a more competent and confident educator able to achieve desired results.

By making this commitment, you are part of a worldwide community of QL Practitioners who use Quantum Learning in rural and urban public schools, private schools and universities, with pre-K, elementary, middle, high and college students, in nearly every subject area. There are over 100,000 teachers, just like you, who have attended a Quantum Learning workshop or institute and are seeing results every day.

What level am I?

As QL Practitioners, we strive to implement Quantum Learning at deeper levels. Even those of us who’ve been implementing QL for 25+ years know that we never really “arrive.” It is a process; a journey of expanding our awareness, making new connections and always searching for better ways to help our students be their best selves. We see this journey as levels that benchmark where we are in the process.

Begin Here

Download the Certification Application Guide for more details on the certification process.